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Friday, February 27, 2015

What I’ve Read from my Show Your Shelves Some Love Challenge

I took a week and a half off of work and during that time, I actually read some books on my To Be Read List in the Show Your Shelves Some Love: A No Book Buying Challenge! #ShelfLove

What I read from my shelf:

Barely a Lady; Never a Gentleman; Always a Temptress; Once a Rake; and Twice Tempted all by Eileen Dreyer.  These were really great. 

My goal was the Purple Belt which was 31 to 40 books.  I have read 5 so far so now I have 26 to 35 books left to meet my goal. 

As for book buying, I have done really well and have not purchased any books.  In April our local library is having a Friends of the Library book sale.  I allotted myself $30 to spend at the book sales.  They have two a year so now I have to decide whether to spend it all in April or divide it up.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

My To- Be-Read List

I finally finished gathering every book in the house that I haven’t read and taking pictures.  Here is what I will be reading in 2015 in the Show Your Shelves Some Love: A No Book Buying Challenge! #ShelfLove

20150106_22572320150106_225205 20150106_225224  CYMERA_20150106_200919 CYMERA_20150106_082538 CYMERA_20150106_082506 CYMERA_20150106_082458

I guess I will work on a list but I at least wanted to post some pics.  The total count….55!!  I can’t believe I had 55 books on my bookshelves that I have not read yet.  Now, I just have to decide which book to read first????

This only includes my physical shelves.  I am going to have to work on my electronic shelves since I have Kindle books, BookShout books, Smashwords books….well, you get the idea.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year, New Rear Fit Bottomed Challenge!!

I am supposed to be writing about breaking bad habits and failing but I am not really feeling that.  So instead, I am writing about the fact that I am participating in the New Year New Rear Fit Bottomed Challenge. 

new-year-new-rear-challengeDay 1 Challenge:  Pick a food resolution that works!

I am sticking with my no dairy unless it’s lactose free which I posted about earlier this week.

I have been lactose intolerant for as long as I can remember.  Unfortunately, I haven’t eaten the way I should for a long time.  I am not sure what excuse I have except stubbornness.  I didn’t want to stop eating the things that I like, like ice cream and cheese.  However, this stubbornness is catching up with me between stomach issues and, as I suspect, aggravation of my autoimmune disorder. Plus, I sure not feeling well is contributing to my emotional well-being, too.

But 2015 is the year I change all that!!!

To get started, I bought So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt.  I tried the blueberry yesterday. I really liked it.  I have tried soy yogurt before but I didn’t like it at all.  Not the case yesterday.  I really like the taste and the texture. I will be buying more So Delicious Yogurt.  And as a positive, I have coupons too.

I also bought So Delicious Coconut Milk “ice cream” in milk chocolate.  This is heavenly.  It tastes like a Mounds bar.  It is yummy.

With respect to cheese, I bought some but I have to make eating it a habit because I am not super excited about the texture yet. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

I got bad habits, bad habits

I have habits.  Bad ones.  I swear a lot but I don’t really care.  I;m from Massachusetts so I just consider it part of my Yankee flair.  I also peel my nails if one of them breaks or chips.  I really should file it and fix it but I’m usually too lazy.  I also think it’s because I used to bite my nails really bad for years and years so peeling them is kind of the same thing. 

The worst habit that I have though is not only a bad habit but it is also pretty yucky. 

I have plaque psoriasis.  It gets pretty bad on my elbows and my scalp.  My bad habit is that I pick at my psoriasis scaly skin.  When I pick my scalp, I also lose pieces of hair.  I’m okay right now because I have thick hair but I worry that some day that may change so I really need to stop doing that.  I guess I should add that to my “taking better care of myself” goal.NaBloPoMo_1214_465x287_HABIT

Friday, January 2, 2015

What I’ll be doing in 2015….

For many years I made resolutions and then I never followed up on them so last year I had this brilliant idea to stop making resolutions.  The only problem….now that 2014 is over, it feels like I got accomplished nothing.  I decided that also won’t work so I’m going back to setting some goals. 

2015 Goals

  • Apply to college to start in the Summer semester.
  • Make decision when it comes to work.
  • Take better care of myself by walking at least 8,000 steps a day and realistically add more until I am at over 10,000 steps; work on my flexibility by doing some yoga at least twice a week; after three months of yoga and watching what I eat and walking, transition to the Couch to 5K program; and stop eating things that are not nice to me.  (I am lactose intolerant and have been my whole life but I still ate ice cream and cheese and then just put up with being sick.  Now I resolve to stop doing that.)
  • Read some books.
  • Knit some stuff.
  • If I don’t get out of my dark place, resolve to go to a therapist.

None of these resolutions or goals are extremely difficult but I have been in a seriously blue place for the past year and I am being gentle with myself. 

The only time I have been successful with my resolutions is when I quit smoking.NaBloPoMo_1214_465x287_HABIT